Success Stories


Valeria Karusinova

“I'd love to thank Teodora for her ELI debrief assessment sessions. She saw through me and knew exactly how “I show up.” It helped me to gain a great understanding of why I'm acting & reacting to certain things as I am. I identified some of the blocks that stopped me from moving forward. Thank you, Dora, for such an insightful experience!”

Kamila Shakirova

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ELI debrief session with Theodora. I felt that she resonated with me and we could comfortably discuss the High Consciousness concepts that I find inspiring. The ELI Assessment is a great way to become conscious of our thought patterns and beliefs and how they affect the way we show up in the world. Thank you, Theodora for an insightful session and your energy!”

Devin Nozawa

“Thank you for a beautiful and incredibly insightful and powerful ELI debrief! You nailed my character to the point, which was amazing to me. I gained so much clarity about myself and my patterns that I was unaware of before. This will help me shift my energy consciously and in big ways moving forward, and as I’ve learnt, this is key to create a more fulfilling life for myself. Thanks so much again!!!”

Styliana Stoyanova

“I really like doing yoga because there is no stress of competition and I feel relaxed and calm afterwards.The deep breaths, the positive words from my instructor Tedi, the slow movements help me to stay in the present. I can forget about everything that happened before and everything I need to do after. It's like getting a break from my brain."

Nikoletta Stavrianou

“My dear Teodora, your are the perfect coach for yoga! You are so calm and positive, but most importantly you love 💓 so much what you do and that's why you are the ideal for this job. You manage to transfer all these positive and relaxing feelings to us, explaining every single exercise and the purpose of it. You are amazing 😍 Please don't stop doing what you do...........we need you"

Maria George

“Your class was excellent teodora mou!! Exactly what my back and body needed! It’s so surprising how intense such small movements are I left the class feeling energized, Stretched, more balanced in posture and body and that I did a super work out! I would Deffinetly reccomend teodora If you want to get your body looking fit!! Xx”

Little Seeds after School Club

“I cannot express my thanks enough to YOGA with Teodora for running these amazing yoga sessions with the summer school children! We love you and appreciate everything you do with us!"

Little Scholars Kindergarten

“Teaching yoga techniques to children can give them the tools they need to thrive. Yoga can help kids learn to live in the moment, focus on the task at hand, and handle problems peacefully. Thank you YOGA with Teodora. Its obvious kids love it😍 😍 ”

Zdravka Ivanova

“ I am grateful for meeting Theodora in her role as Coach. It helped me realize many of the aspects in my professional plan that had blocked the progress. I gained clarity and insight into the necessary changes that contributed to real results for the positive development of my projects. I am proud to say that thanks to coaching, I gained the courage to make drastic adjustments to the prices of the services I offer. I raised them to a level relevant to the effort I put into them. Despite the subsequent 20 days of downtime, I have already made my first sale at a price that fully deserves the service I offer. Teodora treats her clients professionally, correctly, respectfully and with dedication, which is key to the success of the sessions.”

Adelina Santis

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Teodora as my coach who helped me achieve a higher level of self-awareness and overcome the limitations that were holding me back from reaching my professional and business goals.

Through our coaching engagement, I was able to gain clarity on what was blocking me and became more conscious of how my thoughts and beliefs were affecting my actions. With Teodora's professional guidance, I was able to overcome my limitations and take the necessary steps to achieve what I wanted.

My coach helped me to implement a new money blueprint that aligned with my financial desires, and we created successful business and marketing strategies that enabled me to achieve my business goals! Thank you so much Tedi for your professionalism, kind heart and excellent guidance!

I highly recommend Teodora as a Business Coach!”

Ivelina Shapratilska

The yoga-art classes were a unique and incredibly interesting experience that I went through. The combination of yoga and art is something that, in a very easy way, allows you to delve deep within yourself and discover answers that you didn't even expect. It helped me understand the true meaning behind my life goals and pinpoint exactly where I want to be, what I want to achieve, and why. I am extremely grateful for these classes and highly recommend them to everyone.

Kalliopi Georgiadou

Yoga - Art class with Teodora is all about taking the time to think of your life, your goals, yourself. Taking the time to go back to your childhood and seek your favourite moments or imagine what your perfect day would be like today. Self awareness and self esteem with the guidance of Teodora will make you realise that you really deserve to investigate your priorities and rearrange your life. If you want to find out how to draw yourself as a tree, this is the class you need to attend to.

Iliyana Smiliyanska

“Dear Theodora, I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. When I joined the program, my only goal was to lose excess weight, but I soon realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg. The program has given me so much more than just weight loss; it has transformed me into a different person altogether, and the world around me looks different too. I am surrounded by a sense of calmness and optimism that I never had before. I cannot express my gratitude in words, and let's not forget the bonuses - more than 10kg released overweight, and even my husband released 13kg!"

Daniela Setchkova

"Teodora, I have achieved a weight loss of 15 kg! And the best part is that it was achieved with ease, without any torture! I am immensely grateful to you for helping me reach my goal through the program. Although we encountered a stumbling block along the way, we were able to overcome it and the results were impressive and came quickly."

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