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Success!!! Take a moment and envision yourself achieving the success you truly desire! How does it feel like to know that you can create any life that you choose to? You have an incredible power that lies within you and waiting to be recognised, awaken, activated and used by will!

We all want to be successful in our Career, our Business, our Relationships, our Finances, our Health, our Family, our Personal appearance and other areas, generally Successful in our Life! Very often people may feel successful in one area of life but as not that successful or even feel as a failure in another one!

I am a truly believer that we all are Creators of our own success and if you are committed to make a significant change, I am committed to help you achieve the success you truly desire and absolutely deserve!

I really want to see you as one of the successful people in the world, shining for who you become and what you achieved! I want you to experience joy, fulfilment and satisfaction about your journey!

I created GPS to Success to support and guide you in the journey of creating the secret of your own success! How inspired and enthusiastic are you to step into your unique journey? Let’s go!

“Success is something you attract by the person you become” Jim Rohn

Creating success is a long and winding journey that requires patience, persistence, resilience, willingness to learn and adapt, discipline, dedication, focus and a clear road map to follow. Before starting this powerful journey, you want to make sure that:

You are committed to make a significant change! You are ready to think different, feel different and act different! You are ready to face your fears, overcome yourself and turn fears into fuel! You dare to take actions that are out of your comfort zone! You are open mind and see opportunities to learn, grow, develop and upgrade.

Define your meaning of success

Success is subjective term and vary from person to person, depending on their individual values, goals, purpose and aspirations.

What Success means to you?

Make sure you don’t define success as something imposed on you by society, parents, environment, etc. you may end up pursing someone else definition or societal norms that don’t align with your values, which can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, stress, unhappiness. It’s like trying to wear someone else’s shoes, that don’t fit you perfectly. They might be too big or too tight, too wide, very high heel or too low causing you feel uncomfortable, stress and even painful along the way. Their style won’t match your personality and you’ll feel dissatisfied, unhappy and somehow empty in the end!

It is very important to clear your own definition of success, because this will help you set meaningful goals that honored and align with your personal values, purpose, passion and strengths. Only then you embody a powerful motivation along the way, focus and sense of fulfilment working towards something that is truly important to you. It’s like wearing an unique pair of shoes that are designed and custom – made for your body. They not only align and match with your personality but they also fit you perfectly, making you feel super confident, comfortable, happy, fulfilled and unique!

Current Location (Situation)

To achieve the success you desire, it is important and essential to have a clear understanding of your current situation (where you are now) and what has led you to this point (why you are here).

Take a moment to rate your current level of success in all areas of life. By doing the following exercise you will get deeper understanding why you have more success in some areas of life and less in others.


  1. Rate yourself, how successful do you feel in each area of life as 1% is (I am unsuccessful) and 100% is ( I am extremely successful).
  2. When you have your numbers, think about and you may want to write it down, what exactly is the meaning that you gave to each number?
  3. As you are going along the journey you may want to do this exercise again, to check your progress . Rate your level of success again when you reach your goal.
Finances 20%
Career/Business 33%
Health 90%
Intimate Relationships 85%
Social Relationships 30%
Personal Development 80%
Fun & Joy 45%
Spirituality 70%

Define Your Vision

It’s your time for being successful!

You may have a brilliant idea, that you want to develop and manifest, you may have an inner feeling so deep inside that your potential calling you and is about to bring something great to the world, you may understood that the way you are living, working or doing business do not bring you satisfaction and fulfilment anymore, you may be aware that your business/career do not achieved the desired success, etc. you are conscious that something has to CHANGE, YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL! That’s great! But do you know where exactly you want to go? What “being successful” means to you? If you don’t have a destination to go, you probably going nowhere!

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GPS to success

Success!!! Take a moment and envision yourself achieving the success you truly desire! How does it feel like to know that you can create any life that you choose to? You have an incredible power that lies within you and waiting to be recognized, awaken, activated and used by will!


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