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It’s an honour and pleasure to welcome you, this is your blissful and safe space of magnificent transformation. Get ready to glow from inside out!

Hi, I am Teodora Gencheva.

I believe that my mission was coded into my birth. Born in the early hours of Easter and named Theodora, which translated from Greek means Gifts of GOD!

My mission is to inspire and help you to recognize, awake and activate the power within and use it at will to create any life you desire, that brings you joy, love and fulfilment!

My vision is a world of peaceful and joyful people who live a life of well – being, abundance, prosperity and success!

Have you ever heard a voice within yourself whispering ‘You are born for more!’? I have, several times through my life.

And that’s why, at the age of 20, I decided to start my own business and opened a small fruit and vegetable shop. Through this experience, I gained knowledge and understanding about running a business, I developed valuable skills such as effective communication, Art of selling, financial management, risk – taking, self – discipline, persistence and more.

The most valuable lessons I learned were that the people you hire to work for you matter, being in a competitive environment is an opportunity to expand and grow your potential, your energy attracts certain clients and rejects others.


GPS to success

Success!!! Take a moment and envision yourself achieving the success you truly desire! How does it feel like to know that you can create any life that you choose to? You have an incredible power that lies within you and waiting to be recognized, awaken, activated and used by will!


My Successful program to release overweight (Mentor – Coaching program). Do you feel tired and desperate of fighting overweight and figuring out what to wear to cover body parts that you do not like? You tried many diets and fitness programs to lose weight and have a great body and you almost did it, but soon after you came back to the “start point”.


It’s an honour and pleasure to welcome you, this is your blissful and safe space of magnificent transformation. Get ready to glow from inside out!

The business was flourishing, and I built strong self-confidence in my ability to run a successful business.

However, I lacked the knowledge of how to create a business that would be successful and allow me to have free time to enjoy life. I soon realized that selling fruits and vegetables wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I craved more experiences and wanted to challenge myself further. I heard the voice telling me that I am made for more!

One day, I came across an advertisement for a casino looking for young, enthusiastic people to join their team. Despite having no previous experience, I decided to give it a shot. Although I was initially rejected during the interview, this experience only fueled my ambition to prove myself capable of the job. I eventually gained 12 years of experience in the casino industry, both in live and slot games. I became to a ranks such as: Pit Boss, Slot Casino Manager and Expert Trainer and Developer at the HR Department.

This experience provided me with many opportunities to grow and expand my potential, allowing me to develop skills such as: building successful teams, effective and efficient communication, openness to learning and growth, adaptability to change, prioritizing and organizing, confidence and stability in three – way conflict situations between owner, client, staff, finding the best solutions, ability to approach different people, problem solving, creativity and innovations, exceptional management and leadership skills and more.

I have written an intellectual guide to developing successful Slot Casino I was on the top of my Career, felt satisfied that I am contributing to the company for achieving exceptional results in the casino business and feel fulfilled that I am helping Casino Managers to grow their potential and run successful Slot Casinos, but on the other side my personal life was missing.

In 2010 I went on holiday to Cyprus and I fell in love with this beautiful, sunny island.
Waving forth and back between Bulgaria and Cyprus in 2012 I found myself on crosspath: my heart and mind were on different paths, causing disharmony within me, I faced a difficult decision.

In search of a solution, I delved into spiritual literature and discovered Yoga. But what is yoga exactly? I had no idea. Patanjali’s sutra 1.2 provides the answer: “Chitti, vritti nirodah” – yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. This was the answer I needed!

I realized that yoga guides the process inward, so I began practicing it daily. Through asanas, I built a strong and healthy physical body and developed inner strength, confidence, determination, and sustainability. Breathing exercises helped me release accumulated stress, while meditation allowed me to calm my mind, shift my awareness inward, isolate myself from external influences, and trust my inner intuition.

Yoga has become an integral part of my life and my spiritual journey! Experiencing all of the benefits of doing yoga for myself, I would boldly say that yoga helped me to improve my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and life. In 2018 I certified as Yoga teacher 200H in Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yoga therapist, Meditation teacher, because I wanted to share the benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. In 2019 I certified as Yoga teacher for children 100H and Pilates teacher 200H.

I am the founder of unique Yoga – Art workshops aim to grow self consciousness and self realization. I am the creator of one of kind Parent – Child class “1H Time for Us” aimed to create a space for quality time for parents and children. I am the founder of innovative, successful method to release overweight “The Icon”, that helped many people to achieve their dream body and changed their life completely!

2022, in one of my Yoga – Art Workshops

I became conscious for the purpose of my life to help people to transform themselves in order to transform their lives and achieve the success they truly desire. I heard the voice telling me “You are born for more” and I knew that yoga was a step stone into my journey. The way yoga has changed me cannot be described in words, it has to be experienced. But some of the most significant qualities I have developed are:

◉ Great level of self awareness

◉ Patience, perseverance and sustainability

◉ Strong connection with intuition

◉ Openness to change, accepting challenges as opportunities

◉ A calm, clear and focused mind

◉ Emotional balance and resilience

◉ Acceptance , love and appreciation

◉ Balanced left and right part of the brain (logic and creativity)

◉ Self Mastery

In the beginning of 2022 I heard that voice again telling me “ you are made for something very big”.

I knew that is a time for big transformation, I could feel it so deep within me. My intuition led me to iPEC Coaching (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). iPEC is one of the most recognized and highly – respected life coaching training programs in the industry, ICF Accredited. This is not just a training or just a program, this is life changing experience!

In 2023 I earned my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) accreditation, specialization Leadership and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner ELI – MP.

iPEC’ s unique Core Energy methodology and conscious based approach helped me to empower my clients recognize, awake and activate their full potential and create the Life, Business / Career they truly desire! As an entrepreneur and leader, I have developed a diverse skillset that includes strategic planning, team building, and problem-solving. I’ve successfully launched business, managed teams of up to 50 people, training teams up to 500 people, delivering results that exceed expectations. My ability to communicate effectively and make tough decisions has been key to my success. I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering people to achieve their goals, and I believe that my experience as an entrepreneur and leader has equipped me with the skills to do just that.

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